FPCS Mission




Working together with families in a partnership of teachers, staff and community members to provide an individualized learning environment that fosters high achievement in core and elective areas; preparing students for life-long success.




Mankind’s primary and most basic school is the home. We believe it is best supported by a partnership between students, parent/guardian and professional educators and it is enhanced by opportunities within the community.




We believe that…


  • students should be the focus of our school;
  • there is a need for homeschooled students to be served by ASD; 
  • parents should bear the primary responsibility for educating their children;
  • we should endeavor to create a learning environment focused on the individual talents and learning styles of each student;
  • all our teachers support our homeschooling philosophy; 
  • we should endeavor to be supportive of homeschool philosophies;
  • reading, writing, math, and the sciences are foundational for students to reach their full potential; 
  • public resources should be used responsibly;
  • students need to be challenged with a diverse set of learning opportunities, goals, and civic responsibilities;
  • high school students should be encouraged to graduate within four (4) years;
  • it is mutually beneficial to work in conjunction with the ASD and State of Alaska to pioneer new ideas and frontiers in education;
  • our school should encourage and support parent involvement;
  • input from the school community is valuable.