A program at Family Partnership Charter School designed for middle school and high school students who want to stay ONTRACK to pass classes, earn credits, and FINISH the course!


What ONTRACK offers


Tracher support will be tailored to student/parent requests and can include:


  • Homework support for teacher-led courses **
  • Help with understanding concepts and skill development
  • Organizing and planning individual coursework
  • Staying on track to finish online or curriculum-based classes
  • Oversight and grading curriculum-based courses (AGS, Teaching Textbook, etc.)
  • Credit recovery
  • Communicating progress with parents and sponsor teachers


How ONTRACK works


Students plan all courses and write ILP's with their FPCS sponsor teacher and decide what support is desired.  Students then sign up for ONTRACK by the NUMBER of subjects and may attend any or all of the four (5) study sessions available.  Assistance will be available as needed/requested.  


** Students enrolling for "homework support" for teacher led courses will sign up for ONE subject but may seek assistance for any of their teacher-led courses.


2017-18 ONTRACK Session schedule and locations: 

Semester 2 - Begins January 8th through May 4th - NO OnTrack on the following days: Monday Jan. 15th, Monday Feb. 19th, Friday Feb. 23rd, and March 12-23 for Spring Break.

Change of Location TBA on Friday April 27th and May 4th. 

Monday 1100 am to 4:00 pm at Crosspoint
Wednesday 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at Crosspoint
Friday**  9:00 am to 4:00 pm at FPCS office

** Please note that the Friday Schedule varies frequently due to inservices and testing. Please contact Kay Alley at 830-2822 if you have questions. 

Fee Schedule 


Homework Support $350**/per semester    ** covers all classes student is enrolled in                 
Full Course Support $400/per course (includes curriculum, tutoring, and grading)  
APEX Support $125 one time ASD fee for the seat + $250/per course  
Credit Recovery $400/ per course (with textbook)



For more information about the program or the teachers or recommendations for curriculum, please contact:


Kay Alley

(907) 830-2833

Elbertha Anker (907) 248-4270 anker_elbertha@asdk12.org
Michelle Oliveri-Barton (907) 382-7898  oliveri-barton_michelle@asdk12.org