Small Group Classes

Small group classes are a unique feature of Family Partnership Charter School.  Certified teachers and various vendors team up to provide back to back core and elective courses for all ages of students.  Class sizes range in size from about 12 to 18 students for certified teachers. Vendor taught class size numbers may differ.  

Group classes for all ages are taught all over Anchorage and Eagle River in public facilities.  Space is often rented at churches where students meet for instruction.  A large group of students meet at Crosspoint for High School group classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.  The same location is rented on Tuesdays and Thursdays for classes for students in grades K – 8th.  

CORE CLASSES - Often parents do not wish to bear the responsibility of teaching every subject and they can choose to partner with a teacher or vendor who will set the scope and pacing for a course.  The student usually attends the group class two hours during the week and then the parent is responsible to instruct or assist the student with additional work that is assigned as home work.  In most cases the teacher corrects the work and issues the grade.

ENRICHMENT CLASSES – These courses are meant to supplement what the family is doing at home.  If I child takes a writing class or a math enrichment class – it is in addition to the work the family does at home in Language Arts or math.  Typically these classes meet just one time per week and there may or may not be homework.

An example of an enrichment class for younger students would be Kid’s for Character – a class where students learn songs and speaking parts and present a short program at the end of the semester.   This would be in addition to the Language Arts they do at home.  It combines Music, History, and Language Arts. Science classes, Kindergarten class, and Math enrichment classes are examples of other kinds of classes offered for younger students.

Fees for ASD teacher taught classes are evenly shared by the students who participate and you sign up for these classes under the teachers’ name.  Vendors are allowed to charge a flat fee per student.  These courses are requisitioned, with the fee being added under an ILP that the parent or sponsor teacher adds to the student packet.


The Schedule for 2017-18 small group classes taught by FPCS Teachers is now available to view and may be subject to change check back frequently.


Small Group Classes taught by FPCS teachers 2017-18

Small Group Classes taught by FPCS Teachers 2017-2018 Semester 2

Small Group Classes Vendor Taught - HS

Small Group Classes Vendor taught - K-3